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Are There Really Green Tea Natural Healing Benefits? Find Out

The green tea natural healing benefits have been recognized for over 4000 years. Some of the earliest medical books promoted drinking tea for preventing fatigue, improving heart function, curing disease, improving brain function and to improve the function of the urinary tract.

Specific dosages were recommended for specific health problems and treatment methods were outlined.

These books were not lost over the ages. It's just that modern medical practitioners became rather conceited. Instead of combining long-held well-established health remedies with new-found knowledge, they claimed that the old knowledge consisted of wives tales, snake oil and placebo affects. Over the last 20 years, scientists have taken a second look.

Plants were our first medicines. They were used by traditional healers to cure diseases. Many of today's prescription drugs were derived from those traditional remedies, but drug companies don't like for people to know that.

Aspirin, for example, is basically the same thing as willow bark, which was used for centuries to reduce fever, inflammation and relieve pain.

Healers in different areas used different things, whatever plants were available to them. That's why green tea natural healing benefits were not known, throughout the world, as they are today. Like willow bark, it has natural anti-inflammatory activity.

Ancient healers were able to recognize symptoms and treat many diseases, if they had the necessary herbs or other botanicals to do the job. They were not able to understand things that were going on at a molecular level, within a patient's body.

They did not know that a seemingly healthy person might be putting undo stress on their bodies that could hasten the aging process or cause serious diseases like cancer and heart disease.

In other words, they recognized many green tea natural healing abilities, but were unaware that it could help "prevent" serious illnesses and extend a person's lifespan.

Many of the plants that scientists are looking at today contain natural anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, because the goal is to learn how we can help prevent cancer and heart disease, the two illnesses that kill more people than any others.

Chronic inflammation causes many diseases. Oxidative stress, caused by exposure to toxins and excessive free radical generation, causes most of the age-related diseases that we see. The two combined are the primary causes of cellular aging.

Scientists believe that the green tea natural healing ability is due to chemical compounds known as catechins. They are a kind of antioxidant, which is our natural defense against oxidative stress.

Other plants contain different antioxidants. For example, red grapes contain a compound known as resveratrol in their skins. Resveratrol is being hailed by many as an "anti-aging" miracle.

Some of the best health supplements contain a variety of different plant extracts, as well as the common vitamins and minerals.

When you shop for a supplement, be sure that the manufacturer uses only the naturally occurring nutrients, not the synthetic equivalents.

Make the most of green tea natural healing abilities and focus on prevention to live a long, healthy life.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Natural Health Therapies For Fertility By Hethir Rodriguez

When it comes to boosting your fertility and living a healthier life, you do not have to turn to just one solution. In fact, if you are looking for natural therapy options as a way of promoting better health and fertility, you can consider a variety of options, including but no limited to the following:

Nutritional Therapy for Fertility: Known as a holistic and preventative type of therapeutic approach, nutritional therapy has been in use since the days of the Greeks. The approach involves using specific nutritional and dietary approaches to help balance hormones, promote healthy menstrual cycle, and healthy eggs.

Herbal Therapy: For fertility, herbal therapy is the one of the most effective natural treatments. Since herbal therapy involves the use of plants and plant substances as treatments rather than man-made treatments, the body is better able to absorb their benefits and more effectively promote healing and health. Herbal therapy can be used for any fertility issue. They work to nourish the body, promote ovulation, balance hormones, prepare the body for conception, and cleansing the body of toxins.

Supplement Therapy: Depending on the fertility issue, supplement therapy involves the use of specific supplements, including certain vitamins, elements, and minerals to promote improved health and fertility.

Naturopathy: As its name states, naturopathy involves the use of natural substances to create a healthier, more balanced internal environment. It does not involve the use of any man-made drugs or supplements. A Naturopathic physician can help you to determine which natural remedies and therapies best suits your fertility situation.

Homeopathy: This particular option involves treating individuals with small doses of medicine, rather than large quantities which are often believed to trigger more symptoms than they cure.

Chiropractic: Taking into account the interactions between the body's function and its structure, chiropractic medicine aims to correct and manipulate certain parts of the body in order to stimulate recovery. Chiropractic helps to increase circulation to the reproductive system and free up any stuck areas of the pelvis.

Massage: Most forms of massage are designed to encourage healing and promote good health. While massage is an excellent way to relax, massage is also very effective for fertility. A specific form of massage can be applied to the lower abdomen helping to increase circulation, clear out old contents, and prepare the uterus for conception.

Reflexology: Designed to treat the entire body by applying pressure and manipulation to specific reflex point on the feet, hands, and ears that in turn will stimulate healing on other connected areas and organs of the body.

Acupuncture/Acupressure: Developed in China, acupuncture is a helpful method of treating strategic points in the body in order to stimulate everything from blood flow to ovulation. Acupressure works by bringing balance back to the body.

Hypnotherapy: A mental method of promoting wellness, hypnotherapy involves the use of hypnosis and other suggestive techniques to create an altered mental state that s conducive to creating behavioral, emotional, and physical health.

Fertility Enzyme Therapy:Enzyme therapy uses specific systemic enzymes to increase circulation, clear scar tissues, help with blocked tubes, endometriosis, blood clotting, and many other fertility issues.

Aromatherapy: Using essential oils and aromatherapy involves using oils taken from flowers, herbs, and even trees to promote health, relaxation, and clarity. I love aromatherapy because they make me feel so happy. Make sure to use them daily for their accumulative effect.

Flower Essence Therapy: With the belief that diseases often have underlying emotional causes, flower essence therapy uses specific flower essences taken orally to stimulate and promote better health and healing. Flower essences can help if you are feeling frustrated or sad from fertility issues.

Qigong Tai Chi:If you are looking for a kinesthetic approach to fertility, Qigong consists of a combination of movement and meditation in order to improve the flow of energy, improve circulation, and boost the immune system. Great for the type A woman.

Mediation and Prayer: Great for the body, mind, and soul, meditation and prayer can be an excellent way to get away from daily troubles and get back in touch with the more important aspects of life.

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Natural Health Remedies With Essential Oils - How to Use Aromatherapy (Part 1)

Are there natural remedy choices for illness better than Nyquil, acetaminophen, antibiotics, Celebrex, and other expensive over-the-counter and prescription drugs? Yes! Essential oils are the do-it-all, safe and effective remedy replacing the potential side effects of medications. Pain, colds, flu, bacterial infection, digestive issues, headaches, skin care, stress and depression are all successfully treated with essential oils.

Health care is "care of your health." This means managing your health, and working to be healthy instead of waiting to get sick then fixing it - which is the "sick care" focus of our current medical system. A healthy diet and lifestyle is where it starts. The essential oils are your safe and simple natural cure medicine kit for sickness and disease.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils (E. O.'s) are potent health providing substances derived from plants. They are a complex mixture of secondary metabolites produced in the plant to prevent bacterial, fungal and viral infection and to protect the plant from environmental damage and harm from predators. The E. O.'s have therapeutic properties that benefit human health in the same way they protect the plant. For humans, E. O.'s are a good tool for health care and are safe, natural remedies during illness.

As antibiotic, antiviral and fungal cures

E.O.'s are proven in scientific method to be powerful antibiotics and to prevent, or reduce the time of, viral infections. There are several essential oils, such as oregano, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus species and tea tree that can be used in replacement of prescription antibiotics. These same oils are also excellent for viral infections, along with lemon, lavender, thyme species and many others.

Unlike prescription antibiotics, the bacteria do not become resistant to the essential oils. There are studies that show the dangerous and resistant bacteria, methicillin-resistant Staphlococcus aureus (MRSA), can be reduced or eliminated with E. O.'s. Oregano is likely the most effective, but many other oils have also been tested with positive results. This is potent natural medicine! Tea tree, geranium, lavender and eucalyptus are not only antiviral and antibacterial, but are very effective treatments for candida and other fungal type infection.

Anti-inflammatory and pain relief

The natural pain relief from E. O.'s can be used for headaches, back aches and arthritis pain. The essential oils of helichrysum, frankincense, ginger, Cape chamomile, peppermint, wintergreen and many others are excellent remedies for reducing pain, headache and other inflammatory conditions.

How to use essential oils

Use only authentic essential oils. Not all oils sold are of good quality and best for therapeutic effect. Organic and therapeutic grade labeling do not necessarily guarantee authenticity. Topical use and inhaling are the two most popular uses. Each has many methods that would include massage, lotions, ointments (2 - 5 drops of E. O.'s in a teaspoon of unscented vegetable oil or cream). To breathe them in you can simply sniff from a bottle, place on a tissue or use a diffuser designed to spread the oils into the atmosphere. For more medicinal purposes E. O.'s can be taken internally in capsules, liquids or suppositories.

There is a lot to know about E. O.'s. The best way to learn is to start using them. You can't go wrong, these are safe and effective cures for all your ailments and, when used daily, are a healthy way to prevent illness and disease.

Take Control!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What You need to Know About Natural Health Nutritional Supplements

Natural health nutritional supplements are designed specifically to work with the body. Natural health nutritional supplements will protect your lungs, heart, and your skin from any other disease that you are likely to contract during your lifetime.

Natural health nutritional supplements is about taking responsibility for your own health. And with natural health nutritional supplements, you will be able to achieve this goal. There are many products available in the field of natural health nutritional supplements.

Natural health is about finding and adopting natural ways to health. With natural health nutritional supplements, you get the added benefit of giving your body all the best there is from nature. You will also be helping your body protect itself from harmful diseases because natural health nutritional supplements work to restore your body to health the way nature intended.

You will experience the new you and you will be proud of the achievements you will have from taking care of yourself.

With natural health nutritional supplements, you get to detox your body and also to rejuvenate your skin. You can also take natural health nutritional supplements to help your digestive system, which is very good, because stress can sometimes make you bloated and constipated.

It will also help you with common ailments, which is to say that you will be getting the best defense there is.

And your body can have energy to keep you going that extra mile. Natural health nutritional supplements also help you combat fatigue, which a common modern-day dilemma.

You will be more focused, as natural health nutritional supplements help to feed your brain, so that you are constantly functioning and effective.